Swordsman of the Word

Rightly wielding “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Eph_6:17)

A New Home in OnlineBibles.net

Swordsman of the Word is now part of ONLINEBIBLES.NET, my new and upcoming ministry. It’ll be one of the three primary websites, and it will live at this address: swordsman.onlinebibles.net.

Some months ago, and not expecting anything like this to happen, I had shelved my works for Swordsman of the Word — although I have always imagined it to be my final ministry. And yet, even with this latest development, those works will remain shelved until I launch OnlineBibles.net. Sadly, that won’t happen yet anytime soon. A few years down the road, maybe.

Anyway, this Hugo static site is only temporary, serving only to guard this web address, and it will be replaced by a Drupal dynamic site (which I will slowly work on). And so, while I’m doing that, don’t expect any new content from me for this blog, except perhaps for the occasional post. (Any update now on my ongoing works for OnlineBibles.net, as a whole, is posted here.)

And as to this blog’s old web address at www.swordsmanoftheword.com, it will soon be retired. I decided that that is the best thing to do. This web address is already part of the (painful) past, and to leave it behind is no great loss, but only fitting as I begin my new works.